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Sun 09th Jun 2019 18:30 18:30 Service Luke 21:37-22:38 Jesus' Last weeks and our Access to Eternity "Scripture must be fulfilled" Tim Dennis
Sun 14th Apr 2019 18:30 18:30 Service Hebrews 11:23-38 Faith that divides and suffers Tim Dennis
Sun 24th Mar 2019 10:45 10:45 Service Matthew 14:1-12 Matthew Jesus and John the Baptist - pt 2 Tim Dennis
Sun 17th Feb 2019 18:30 18:30 Service Daniel 7 Living in an Alien Land "Coming with the clouds of heaven" Tim Dennis
Sun 06th Jan 2019 18:30 18:30 Service Daniel 1 Living in an Alien Land Co-operation or Compromise Tim Dennis
Sun 25th Nov 2018 18:30 18:30 Service Luke 19:1-10 I can't become a Christian because... I can't change now Tim Dennis
Sun 28th Oct 2018 18:30 18:30 Service Philippians 4:2-9 Philippians No worry! Tim Dennis
Sun 14th Oct 2018 10:45 10:45 Service Deuteronomy 12-26 Deuteronomy: How to please God The law now: How much do we follow? Tim Dennis
Sun 23rd Sep 2018 18:30 18:30 Service Philippians 2:1-11 Philippians "Your attitude should be like that of Christ Jesus" Tim Dennis
Sun 12th Aug 2018 18:30 18:30 Service Proverbs 8:1-36 Proverbs: A guide to living well Is wisdom a person? Tim Dennis
Sun 15th Jul 2018 10:45 10:45 Service 2 Peter 2 2 Peter Error Tim Dennis
Sun 08th Jul 2018 18:30 18:30 Service Luke 19:11-27 Luke What's a good investment? Tim Dennis

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