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Benja & Ruth Curin

Church Planting, Chile

Benja & Ruth Curin, Abigail & Matias Church Planting, Temeco Southern Chile

Benja leads a team that is planting a new Anglican church in the north area of the City.
One of their supporting churches is the church led by Cristobal Ceron in Santiago. The new congregation, Jesús el Camino (Jesus the Way) Church, has now been meeting for Sunday services for just over a year. Their goal is to share the Good News of Jesus with people infive relatively new (the oldest is about 12 years old) housing estates in the area and they have had many opportunities over the past year to get to know those in the local community and share the Gospel with them. Last year the church started with a team of 8 adults and 3 children and regular numbers on a Sunday are now 17 adults and 6 children with others who come along from time to time. They also have two regular Housegroup Bible studies during the week where they are seeing people grow in their knowledge of and relationship with God.

Pray: give thanks for church growth during their first year and pray that each member would continue to grow in love for Christ: Benja, Ruth and the children recently moved house nearer to where the church meets on Sundays. Pray for opportunities to get to know new neighbours and share the Gospel with them:
Abi (5)  moves up to year 1 at school this year and Matias (3) who is at nursery.

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