Mission Partners

Mark and Judy Bolton

Part-time Pastor, L’Eau Vive

Mark & Judy Bolton Part-time Pastor, L’Eau Vive.

 L’Eau Vive, is a free evangelical church. It is a growing, lively, all-age congregation including teenagers. There are many gifted people in the church. A small church group has recently joined them increasing their numbers significantly.

Mark has been appointed on a five year contract which will be finishing September 2020.

He continues to work a few days a week teaching English to adults, however he plans to retire in September.

Judy is involved in the church ministry, particularly pastorally, and she is a full-time primary school teacher at an international school.

 Pray: The church has now also completed paying for the Post Office buildings they use. This means they are now be able to save for an extension, new buildings or refurbishment. Pray they will make wise decisions: Give thanks for the growth in numbers and faith

 for the Church leadership as they consider how to replace Mark when he retires: for Mark and Judy’s health to be protected;


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