Lent 2020


Three evenings giving an opportunity to look at interesting and important subjects with more time than a Sunday service permits.

7pm Supper (please sign up at Church), 8pm Talk.

4th March

Dr Matt Bingham Lecturer in Theology and Church History at Oak Hill College
"Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758)"

As a pastor, theologian, and missionary, Edwards offered a powerful God-centred vision of the Christian life that continues to capture the imaginations of men and women around the world today. He is widely regarded as North America's greatest theologian, and his large body of pastoral, theological, and philosophical writings attract attention both from scholars searching for the eighteenth-century origins of Evangelicalism and from evangelical Christians themselves who are increasingly rediscovering the power and penetrating biblical insight of Edwards' theology. In these lectures, we will be introduced to both Edwards' life and thought, and reflect on how his God-saturated worldview might revitalise and reinvigorate our own.

Matt is a Lecturer in Theology and Church History at Oak Hill College. Originally from the United States, he studied history at UCLA and received his Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary. He is married to Shelley and they have three children: Amelia, John, and James. Matt enjoys books, board game, and making the most of his National Trust membership.

18th March

Revd. Dr Richard Turnbull Director of the Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics, Oxford
"The faithful pioneers of the 18th century Evangelical Revival"
"God's command to work"

Richard will be giving two talks. Firstly thinking about the lessons we can learn today from the Evangelical revival in the middle decades of the 18th century. We will look at stories of parish ministry, church planting and the opposition of much of the church establishment.

Secondly, what should a Christian's attitude to work look like? We need to return to the beginning with God's creation mandate to work and create wealth. We can then discuss the ethics for a Christian of being in the workplace, the responsibilities of wealth and care for the needy. Creation madfates are a principle in many aspects of Christina life we would do well to recover for today.

Richard is the Director of the Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics, Oxford and visiting Professor at St Mary's University, Twickenham. He was the Vicar of Chineham for seven years and the spent seven years of Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He is the author of several books and monographs on both church history and economic matters.

25th March

Dr Andrew Nicolls Director of Pastoral Care at Oak Hill College
"The purpose and power of Christian conversation"

We know God's word is powerful—it created a universe, it raised the dead, it rescues the lost. God intends his word to achieve great things also in our lives, when ordinary Christian people speak it to one another. The evening will explore how our conversations can grow in wisdom and be used by God to connect the riches of Christ with the realities of life, so that we truly help each other grow.

Andrew is the Director of Pastoral Care at Oak Hill College. He is also founding trustee of a crisis pregnancy centre, and have begun work on a book to inform the church's response to abortion. He serves on the Executive Committee for Biblical Counselling UK, which aims to help churches be places of Christ-centred change. He and his wife Hilary have two teenage sons and all are now learning about living with Kip, a lively cocker spaniel.