Escape Room

Dear team,
  I have kidnapped your leader, Steve Sweet.  The ransom, to get him released is £1,000 (I will only accept used notes of course).  I suggest you all empty your pockets and piggy banks to come up with the cash!  Otherwise there will be no more weekends away from now on!  Luckily for me, when I bundled him into the back of my van he had been on his way from his home to the bank to pay in the tuck-shop money.  So not only will I receive the ransom money, but I’ll also have the profits from the tuck shop to spend!  My friend, the doctor is helping me.
We don’t want you interfering with our plans, so we are keeping you all locked in this room for 20 mins.  That should give me and Dr “H” enough time to spend the tuck-shop money and make our get-away.  You’ll have to find something to do during those 20 minutes – you could always try reading a book perhaps!
So long,

R. L. Stevenson
(that’s not my real name of course.  I may have left some clues… but none as easy as that)

Your tasks:

  • Get yourself out of the locked room.  Before the 20 mins have expired.
  • Find out the real name of the kidnapper
  • Find out the name of the kidnapper’s helper.
  • Find out where they are going to keep Steve a hostage.
  • When you get out of the room, retrieve the tuck-shop money box.