For Singles over 40

What's on for... S-40 Plus


Are you 40 plus and for whatever reason, living on your own?

A few of us in this situation have felt that as part of St Mary’s Church family we should be supporting each other by getting to know each other better in offering fellowship, friendship and social opportunities.

For many different reasons today’s society contributes to an increase in people experiencing “loneliness”, so underpinning this group is a desire to encourage each other by sharing God’s love with each other. 

We aim to have a monthly get together and enjoy a variety of social events and also to form a register which lists our names and contact numbers with a list of social activities that we  individually enjoy. This then enables us to invite each other to “ad hoc” events e.g. cinema etc.

For more information: 
Contact:- Mary - 01256 34022 / 07974957433
                Pete -  01256 327878 / 07900472231