Mission Partners

Barnabas Fund


Barnabas Fund works to provide hope and aid for the persecuted Church. Pray for these three initiatives:

  • Safe Havens – pray for God’s favour to open the hearts of national leaders to accept Christian refugees, especially the UK.
  • food.gives – brings relief to hungry and suffering Christians due to Conflict, COVID-19, economic crisis and weather extremes.
  • The Shepherd’s Academy – seeks to revive and rebuild Christian communities. Pray that many pastors will be equipped for ministry and ask the Lord to enable the two million untrained pastors in the Global South/Majority World who are doing wonderful work in challenging contexts.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW)


Christian Solidarity Worldwide is a human rights organisation which specialises in religious freedom and works on behalf of those persecuted for their beliefs. They defend, uphold and promote the right to freedom of religion in over 20 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Through advocacy, they challenge world leaders to fulfil their duty to protect religious freedom. They are expert consultants for religious freedom at the United Nations.

  • Pray for the leadership team and trustees to have wisdom, insight and understanding to lead the organisation in line with God’s purposes.
  • Ask the Lord to grant justice for those who face harassment, discrimination, violence and imprisonment because of their Christian faith.

Open Doors


Serves persecuted Christians in more than 60 countries. They supply Bibles, emergency relief, and help believers stand strong and persevere. In the UK and Ireland, they help the church to pray, give and speak out for those who share our faith but not our freedom.

  • The annually revised World Watch list ranks the countries where Christians face the most persecution. This is presented in parliament every year. Pray that our government will take up the cause of those persecuted for their faith.
  • Pray for the UK church to be faithful partners by being informed, campaigning, giving and praying.
  • Give thanks that the Church continues to grow where there is persecution. Pray that Open Doors workers will be kept safe and be able to provide the churches with the Bible resources and training they need.

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