Mission Partners

Dan and Geraldine Freeman, Zoe, Luke

Parish of the Risen Lord, Preston.

Dan works as curate at the local church of England church. The parish is both very large (comprising over 20,000 people) and deprived (among the 5% most deprived parishes nationally). The church family are wonderfully warm and gospel-hearted. The vast majority are of retirement age and many live outside the parish but have a heart for the area.

  • Thank God for the church family’s willingness to try new things and their servant hearts for the needy.
  • Please pray for our young mum’s evangelistic bible study, that God would use his word to save.
  • Pray too for us to make contact with others God is at work in, through mercy ministries, flyering and friendships.
  • Succession planning is an urgent need, please pray there would be a thriving gospel centred church in this parish which holds out Jesus to the lost in the years to come.
  • As we feel out of our depth, pray we’d grow in prayerful trust and rejoice to see God at work.

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