Mission Partners

Derek and Nerina Harborne

University Hospital (MUST) Mbarara, Uganda

We have been working with Africa Inland Mission since 2012. Derek has been teaching Emergency Medicine (A&E) and Nerina Biochemistry. We lead the discipleship ministry with students in the Anglican University Chapel, St Lukes.

We are grateful for answered prayer for recent academic developments as we work towards handing our roles to Ugandans, and for health and safety. Nerina has steadily trained Postgraduate Biochemists on a Masters course, some of whom have been retained as University teachers. Despite academic delays due to COVID the first ever group of 5 Ugandan specialist Emergency Physicians graduated in November 2020, 3 have been appointed to academic staff and 2 are in process of recruitment as Ministry of Health employees. Derek and the Emergency physicians also worked hard as key members of the hospital team who set up a high dependency COVID unit in the government hospital in March 2020.

We returned to UK mid November 2020 for rest and to support Nerina’s mother who has become increasingly frail. We continue to teach remotely at the University, and to support the University student ministry, particularly Paddy Malinga, the student cell group coordinator. Now Presidential elections in Uganda are over (relatively peacefully) students are returning to the University about 6 months delayed. University authorities have decided that the majority of Undergraduate teaching will be online to prevent an increase in infection rates from COVID. Please pray for students who cannot afford the technology, and more generally as they may be more exposed to temptation and false teaching in their home areas

Our future plans are uncertain. Derek would like to return to Uganda soon to support the new academic Emergency Physicians as they train the new and continuing students.  Nerina may return to Uganda later in 2021 once she has been vaccinated and her mother more settled. We are working towards possible retirement next year, and would dearly love to pass on the student discipleship work to a suitable Ugandan person or couple. We have tried to find such a person, but have yet to identify someone with the availability and ability to take over this responsibility.

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