Funday Sunday

Please note that the information below is pre-COVID and may not reflect what is taking place under current restrictions. Please see our coronavirus page or contact us for the latest updates.


Funday Sunday is church like never before

The services takes place in the church hall every first Sunday of the month. The fun starts at 4pm with table games. Then we have a look at the craft pictures the children have made from the previous service (with a small packet of sweets as a reward). Everyone is then invited to join in with more games and challenges.

The theme of this months service is then explained, although it is normally quite obvious by this point due to the very cleverly thought-out games. But don't get too confident as there might be a quiz!

By 5pm the service comes to a close but do not fear, there is an extra 30 minutes afterwards for tea: And not just a cup of tea but actual sandwiches, cakes and tea! mmm mmm mmm...